LETS Dock Campground, LLC 

2409 3rd St. Syracuse, Ohio 45779

LETS Dock Campground, LLC.  Syracuse, Ohio Established: August 2012

​Before the dams on the Ohio river, an area called "The Beach" was known as "the hot spot of southeast Ohio". Airplane rides, one professional baseball game, a pavilion, people picnicking, dancing, and enjoying family, friends and the breathtaking river view were the norm. 
My Grandpa Williams' family purchased this land in the 1940's and he spent many hours teaching my sister, brother and me how to drive his John Deere tractor across the fields. Thus began our love of the land and in 1985 we erected a cabin where our family and friends camped, picnicked and boated. The campground, a vision and dream of my mother's, became my commitment and in 2012 we began LETS (Lincoln, Easton, Tucker, and Shannon) Dock Campground. August 2012 utilities were completed, a 110' dock was built, roads were put in place and our dream took flight!
LETS Dock Campground offers 76 spacious campsites with full utilities. The children's play area has a cool 3' diameter tunnel to explore, making the mound above a great addition for bicycling and hill climbing! Supervised swimming above and fishing below the dock is allowed.
Midway down the river bank are five large "common area" fire pits. When all five are blazing, "FIRE IN THE PITS" is a majestic sight. Campers enjoy roasting a hot dog or marshmallow while watching the river traffic. Not knowing whether a large barge, the Mississippi Queen, or even a pirate ship will be the next vessel to appear, excitement always looms just around the river's bend. We once witnessed a sea plane land and take off!

Our goal is to build a community of fellowship with our seasonal campers as well as our weekend warriors!

Thank you to my wife Shannon, sons Lincoln and Easton, mom Judy, dad Jack, father and mother in law Rodney and Andrea, brother Ryan, sister in law Jill, nephew Owen, sister Jane Ann, friends Justin, John, Jeff and Phil, and Grandpa Baxter for your support, hours of consultation and donated labor.

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​Tucker 2012

                                        THAT WAS THEN...... THIS IS NOW-2018!

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